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Navidad: Scavenger Hunt

Using the map above, click on each of the tags to learn about how Christmas is celebrated in Spanish-speaking countrites. You will then answer the questions below. Some answers are in Spanish, but some are in English. Finally you will use highlighted letters to solve the secret message. You may copy and paste your answers into a Google Doc (and share with me) or write your answers on paper. ¡Buena suerte!

1. P A L A S A O S D S start on December 16th and last for 9 nights.
2. The innkeepers say no to the E E S R P N G O I R request for lodging.
3. Children hit S T P Ñ A I A at parties to get candy from inside.
4. On the evening of the of I M D I E E C R B everyone dresses up in costumes.
5. When the blindfolded child hits the piñata, the crowd yells B R I A R A or abajo.
6. La C F A A H B E E O L N O U D L E N R is also known as a Poinsettia.
7. At midnight on December 24th, people attend the A M O D S I L L E G A.
8. La Fiesta de S I I M L A A R U N is celebrated in San Antonio, Texas.
9. S T N N C A I I E M O are filled with figurines of the Holy Family…
10. and of M S O O Y E E S S R A L G.
11. People in Peru go to a G L B T L U L H I F.
12. Spaniards eat a dinner of V O L L E E P R A N before midnight mass.
13. In some countries, children don’t receive their gifts until S E E L O R E N D I S E.
14. El niño Jesús brings children their gifts in Z A E E E L N V U.